Electric car

Buying a car: 5 Reason your Next Car should be an Electric car

The term electric car is an electric vehicle (EVs) which is referred to any vehicle which runs on an electric motor to get momentum, and for running the vehicles consume power from long-life rechargeable batteries. Before, the interest of EVs was restricted by their long charging time and short range circumstances. In any case, fast […]

Black Tea Benefits

Black Tea Benefits: Everything About Assam Tea: Green Tea Uses

Assam tea is a dark tea named after the district of its production, Assam, in India. Assam tea is made particularly from the plant Camellia sinensis. This tea, the vast of which is developed at or close ocean level, is known for its body, energy, malty flavor, and strong, light colored. Assam teas, or mixes […]

Bitcoin Scam trick

India’s decision party blamed for $12B Bitcoin Scam trick by opposition

  A considerable measure of digital currency news has been leaving India of late, and not for good. The nation’s biggest political gathering, the Indian National Congress (INC), charged the decision Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) of organizing a Bitcoin Scam trick worth anything between $726 million and $12.78 billion today, Hindustan Times reports. The said […]

whatsapp video call safe or not

Are Whatsapp Video Call Safe or Not?

Are WhatsApp video call safe or not: WhatsApp has been a considerable application for quite a long time since its initiation. Video calling highlight in Whatsapp is very great , when contrasted and its rivals. They utilize End-End encryption , which is very difficult to hit at. Each message sent on WhatsApp is encoded. Just […]