How to Remove Tan from your body Naturally?

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Glowing skin always looks great doesn’t it But most of us become victims of Sun tans, How to remove tan

Our hands are not as bright as the rest of our body we wonder if we must go for expensive treatment to bring back our lost beauty

Sun Tan refers to the darker skin color obviously acquired due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the Sun which harms the skin protecting melanin we do need some sun exposure for the women

But excess of Sun can lead to skin cancer accelerated aging of the skin and a compromised immune system

Today will discuss tan removal home remedies for How to Remove Tan and lightening the skin back to its original colors

Is Sun Tanning Bad For You? A blog about the pros and cons of tanning outside.

what you need 1 bowl of chilled yogurt a pinch of turmeric What you have to do

Add pinch of turmeric to the yogurt and mix carefully till you get an unchanging paste Apply this paste on your hands and leave it on for about 20 minutes rinse with cold water When you need to do this

You can ideally follow this remedy every day before taking a bath do it for 2 weeks or till you see the results

2 Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant image

What you need a little amount of aloe vera gel you can get a broken aloe vera leaf or in the market as a tube what you have to do

Apply the pure aloe vera gel on your hands and leave it on overnight wash off with normal water in the morning

when you need to do this every night before going to bed

why this works aloe vera has been found to protect the skin from radiation damage

Being rich in antioxidant it also eliminates free radicals in the skin aloe vera is also

known to lighten the skin and remove tan-

3 Lemon juice

What you need juice from 3 to 4 lemons what you have to do take a bowl full of warm water and add the lemon juice to it

Mix well till the juice is diluted soak your hands in the lemon infused water for about 20 minutes wash off with cold water

You can directly apply four to five tablespoons of lemon juice to tuft and stained areas like your elbows

You can wash off with cold water after about 20 minutes

When you need to do this

You can follow this remedy in the morning after bath do this twice or thrice a week for about two weeks and check the results

4 Almonds

What you have to do soak the almonds in water overnight

The next morning blend the almonds with some milk and mix till you get a smooth paste

Apply this paste on your hands and leave it on overnight wash off with cold water the next morning

Why this works

Almonds are a rich source of flavin an essential vitamin that maintains and improved skin health

They are also packed with antioxidants including vitamin E that protects the skin

Let’s look at some easy ways of getting rid of sun tan

5. Tomatoes

Wash three to four fresh tomatoes and make a puree out of them in a blender and now add 3 to 4 tablespoons of lemon juice to it

apply this over the area and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with plain water you can

Repeat this for over a period of a fortnight

6. Potatoes for tan removal

Take a thick slice of raw potato and rub it over the tan and wash it off after five to ten minutes

Take 1 cup of yogurt and put it in a blender to this add half a cup of besan or Gram Flour

on the side take of fresh cucumber and extract some juice out of it add this to the blender as well

Likewise, extract some juice out of a fresh potato and add this to the blender and now blend all these ingredients

Apply this paste over the tanned area leave it for about half an hour and then rinse it off with clean water

How to remove tan from face for women’s

This remedy will help to keep your skin white, glowing and spotless even in the summer seasons

During hot summers, our skin often becomes quite tanned This remedy can help to save you from tanning

How to remove tan from neck

So let’s see what this remedy is, and how to use it

At first, we take a tablespoon of sour curd Add to it some honey After this, add just a pinch of haldi powder. Mix it properly

The added curd has anti-bacterial properties, which removes dark patches and solves skin problems

This also helps to reduce Tan caused due to excess heat in summers

Besides, curd has moisturizing properties as well The moisturizing extends even to oily skin even without affecting oil secretion

Both turmeric and curd make the skin glowing and also remove tan

We have also used honey, which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that helps in skin whitening and spot removal

Regular application of this mixture on face, hands and neck can give you astonishing results in weeks

It also helps to remove tan from your skin

It also gets rid of acne, pimples and spots.