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fig fruit

Anjeer Benefits for your immunity

Fig Overview Figs are a fruit of the fig tree,  usually found in Asia and in Hindi known as “Anjeer”. The natural anjeer fruit is regularly eaten. The fig fruit and anjeer leaves are used for making medicines. The fig tree is the world oldest tree, as its “figs Benefits ” are disclosed in the […]

dalia benefits

The Ultimate Secret Of DALIA

The Dalia is made from the bulgar wheat that is cleaned hardboiled and then dried out and crushed into tiny pieces The English name of Dalia is Bulgar wheat, but the major difference between cracked wheat and bulgur wheat is that cracked wheat is not hard-boiled, whereas Dalia is preboiled means is that it’s cooked a […]

papaya recipes

Green papaya: Health Benefits of Eating Pawpaw

papayas are not only delicious in their own right but they also have many health Benefits of Green Papaya, which should be considered as well The papaya fruit also known as pawpaws or papaws, they are sweet and fleshy and are in yellow tone when ripens They are the most enjoyable fruit which can be […]

yoga essay

History of Yoga: 11 Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a gathering of mental, physical and spiritual practices which originated in India, it was later presented with the western countries by the yoga Gurus. After the success of Swami Vivekananda in the later 19th century and mid 20th century with the adaption of yoga convention, with the benefits of yoga asanas and was […]

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Alsi Benefits: Benefits Of Flaxseeds

Flax seeds is a plant which grows about 1 to 1.4 meters tall and it bears pure blue color ornamented flower, the flax fruit we get it from the round dried shape containing many brown and yellow Flax seeds.. the flax seeds looks somewhat similar like the apple seeds. In Hindi Flax seeds known as […]

Vegeterian source

Top 13 list of vegan food Product-Vegans Diet

Why Do We Need Protein Every day! Proteins are the main blocks for building up of our body tissue and protein also provides the energy it needs to develop and grow properly, Protein breaks down into amino acid when digested, protein is the energy which we need for the walk, breath, it provides energy for […]

clove benefits


Cloves are the scented flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. They are inherent to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia and are usually used as a spice. The Secrets To BENEFITS OF EATING CLOVES raw in small quantity regularly benefits your immune system as the cloves contain the nutrients which also benefits […]


Apricot Recipes, Heath benefits, Nutrition

Apricot is a fruit of the Apricot tree that belongs to the family of Prunus or Rosacea, the Hindi name of Apricot is “Khubani”. Apricot is of yellowish orange color in appearance, they are small in size and can grow between 1.5 cm to 3.5 cm. The outer layer of the fruit has a velvet-like […]

Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Benefits Of Drinking Beer: know about beer benefits

It is the most famous beverage drink in this modern time but it’s also one of the oldest and most widely appreciated drink around the world they are made from many minerals and vitamins rich grains and yeast so is the advantages of drinking beer The Beer is a drink made from Hops, grain, cereals, rice […]