Almond nutrition Values and Facts about Almonds

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The almonds are very popular healthy snacks, which has many health benefits including controlling your blood sugar level and cholesterol levels

Almonds nutrition are a good source for Skin and Hair they also contain healthy unsaturated fatty acid

and are packed with many other Vitamins, protein, calcium and minerals

The almonds are the fruit of the Almond tree, the scientific name of almonds is “prunus dulicis”

and they are native to southern- Asia and Middle- East.

The taste of the almonds are both bitter and sweet and they are easily available in the stores near you

in the form of Raw, salted, Almond oil, Almond Flour, they are also available in shelled form

you can consume the almond fruit by just simply cracking the hard shell which is usually found on the nut, and enjoy the almonds

The Almond tree can grow up to 30 feet in height and which bears pale pink and white color flower get matured after 7-8 months of harvesting in autumn.

The almond is a nut as known to us, but basically, it is the seed of the fleshy fruit covered by a hard shell

Almond Uses

The nutrious nut /seed can be used as a snack, and are the main component of many dishes,

Almond can be sprinkled over your salads, cookies, cakes and other sweets and desert

The Almond nutrition are rich in vitamins and many other nutrients which helps in the development of brain power

As the benefits of almonds are numerous you can also use Almond Milk, which is extracted from the almonds,

and very popular Almond nutrition Oil which is extracted from the bitter almond, which is rich in vitamin E

which is the most powerful antioxidants which promote healthy hair and skin and prevent from premature aging,

So by adding some would provide the Benefits of Almonds

The almonds are also popular for their taste, that goes well with coffee, chocolate and many other flavors.

Some of the largest producers of almond in the world are United State, Germany, Spain, Iran, California and Morocco.

Almond nutrition fact

8 Most Significant Health Benefits Of Almonds

#Almonds Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Almonds are rich source source of poly unsaturated fats and mono unsaturated fats that help fight the bad cholesterol in the body.

According to researches it is found that by adding half a cup of almond regularly can lower the bad cholesterol level of the body.

#Almonds are Rich In Amino Acids

The almond nuts are rich in amino acids, and it reduces the risk of insomnia ,

Almonds are also rich in phosphorous which help your brain power to improve.

#Almond nutrition For Diabetes

As almonds are the powerhouse of nutrients and minerals, therefore, they are good for everyone,

especially good for diabetics as shown in research that Almond can reduce the rise of insulin level and glucose level after your meal.

Almonds are also good for Type 2 Diabetes

#Almond nutrition Are Good For Bones and Teeth

Almonds are rich sour of calcium, in 100gm of almonds you get 264 mg of calcium which delivers 8% of RDI,

along with other nutrients

#Almonds For Weight Loss

As the Almonds are low in carbs and are low in fibre and protein which are ideal for reducing your weight as they are rich in fibre,

as fibre help keep your tummy full and suppress your hunger, so by eating almonds is a easy ways to reduce your overall intake of calories.

#Almonds Benefit For Skin

Taking almonds regularly on your diet or applying the almonds by soaking them in water can do wonders for your skin,

It works as a moisturizer for your skin as it has Vitamin E Which do wonder for skin

And make your skin look beautiful and allow your skin to stay soft and prevents from premature ageing.

#Almonds For Cancer

As the Almonds are good source of Vitamin B, Antioxidents and lavonoids that helps in lessen the risk of cancer,

sever studies show great benefit for Almonds or Peanut Everyday.

In studies it has been proved that girls with age 9-13, who daily ate almonds or nuts has almost a 30% lower chances of developing breast cancer.

#Good For Pregnancy

Almonds contains vitamin E and lot of folic acid, which help reduce the defect in the new born babies

and also promotes formation of cells and tissue for both mother and the baby and keep them healthy,

Nuts are very helpful especially when the Fetus is developing.


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