Alsi Benefits: Benefits Of Flaxseeds

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What is Flax seeds?

Flax seeds is a plant which grows about 1 to 1.4 meters tall and it bears pure blue color ornamented flower,

the flax fruit we get it from the round dried shape containing many brown and yellow Flax seeds..

the flax seeds looks somewhat similar like the apple seeds.

In Hindi Flax seeds known as “Alsi seed”.

Which plays a major role in the Ayurveda as medicine from thousands of years.

also known as Linseeds or common Flax or alsi ka beej.

Flax seeds a fiber food crop cultivated in the cooler region of the world.

Flax contains around 700 times more Lignans from any other plant food.

It has both Antioxidant qualities and plant estrogen in it.

Flax seeds are of two varieties: Yellow and Brown, both yellow and brown have the similar nutritional alsi benefits,

Flax seeds are one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet as it is rich in nutrients

which fight the disease and also grown as an ornamented flower.

Flax seeds nutrition

In 100 gm Flax seeds serving, the flaxseed contains the High level of dietary fiber, protein, and several B vitamins and dietary minerals.

Flax seeds are rich in Magnesium potassium, thiamine, and phosphorus, Omega 3 fatty acid

How to use flax seeds

*how to consume Flax seeds can be used over salads, biscuit, dessert and can be added as a topping in the shakes and yogurt.

*best way to eat flax seeds is Lightly toasted alsi seeds are used in sweets, cakes, and muffins

*Flaxseed oil is consumed to treat overweight, arthritis and obesity and also used in the digestive problem.

Advantages of eating flax seeds

# Alsi benefits

These small golden colored seeds are the number one source of lignans in the human diet lignans are polyphenols

which balance hormones throughout the body for many people eat flax seeds

as they are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins

these help your hair to grow by reducing dryness and a flaky scalp

#The fiber in flax seeds powder

scientifically shown to reduce cholesterol as it causes more fat to be excreted when you use the toilet

#The powder is often used by those with celiac disease

as it is completely gluten-free and has anti-inflammatory properties

which are easy to digest for a sensitive stomach

#Alsi benefits also have anti-aging effects

As they help cells to regenerate this protects the body from degrading with age.

#Studies have also shown that flax seeds can reduce the risk of prostate ovarian breast and colon cancer

due to their ability to regulate hormones and boost healthy bacteria in the digestive system

#alsi benefits for womens

Many women take flax seeds in their breakfast smoothies to help calm hot flashes and night sweats

it also helps to regulate periods for younger women

#Those who suffer from dry eyes

benefit from consuming these seeds as they have a lubricating effect

#The essential fatty acids

Reduce blood clotting and triglycerides in the body

this helps to protect your heart from failure and heart disease

#flax seeds benefits for cancer prevention:

It contains Omega-3 fatty acid which helps prevent the forming of different type of cancer.

#The Benefits Of Flax seeds focuses to omega-3 fats

As being one of the real things that your body needs to battle depression and look after mind wellbeing,

and Help develop memory power

# alsi benefits polyunsaturated fat that prevents inflammation.

#It contains Monounsaturated fats

which have health benefits,

that can reduce the risk of heart disease and help decrease inflammation and also help weight loss.

#Flax seeds contain dietary fiber substance

which may help weight control by minimizing hunger and develop the feeling of fullness.

#Flaxseeds are a decent source of B nutrients and minerals,

such as, magnesium,selenium, manganese, and copper  —

each one of them provides nourishment to the hair follicles and energize more grounded and healthier new development.

A day by day portion of flax seeds will keep you and your hair excellent.

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