Apricot Recipes, Heath benefits, Nutrition

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dried apricot

Apricot is a fruit of the Apricot tree that belongs to the family of Prunus or Rosacea,

the Hindi name of Apricot is “Khubani”. Apricot is of yellowish orange color in appearance,

they are small in size and can grow between 1.5 cm to 3.5 cm. The outer layer of the fruit has a velvet-like skin.

They are available throughout summer, Apricots benefits are available both Raw and Dried form

both are equally nutritious. Apricots are sweet in taste.

It is believed that apricot trees was first discovered in China,

but later as international trade took place,

they spread to Europe Via Armenia.

But at present, they have been cultivated in any region of the world.

The scientific name of Apricot is Prunus Armeniaca. apricot power are numerous

Apricot recipes

Apricots commonly used in making jam,

pastries and used in the liquor industry,

where Apricots used for making apricot brandy and other liquors.

Apricot seeds are generally known as Apricot kernel,

it contains around 40 to 50% of oil in it.

The Apricot kernel oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry,

used in several hair products, shampoos, conditioners.

Apricot Nutrition

Apricot Benefits for Health

Apricots are wealthy in many plant vitamins.

A portion of these are the nutrient antioxidants Others are more hard to get from different nourishment’s

might be in charge of particular medical advantages.

By and large, view the apricot as an extraordinary nourishment that gives you the defensive impacts of antioxidants

while adding not very many calories to your day by day total.

#Apricot fruit Maintains Eye Health:

The nutrients which make your eyesight or vision healthy are all in an Apricot.

They are rich in Vitamin A, C, beta-carotene,

carotenoid can help in preventing age-related eyesight issues,

Due to its high level of beta-carotene it improve blood flow to the eyes.

#Promote Bone Health:

The body requires calcium in the formation of bone development,

as lack of calcium lead to a disorder of bone named OSTEOPOROSIS.

Thus Apricots are rich in calcium and potassium content, it helps to keep your bones healthy.

#Cancer Prevention:

Apricots enhance the typical working of the body builds

the quantity of cancer prevention agents increment the expulsion of poisons from the body

by expanding the cell reinforcements we can enhance the ability to battle antibodies and diminish cell harm

#Rich source of Vitamin A

Apricots are a rich source of vitamin A,

which make them extraordinary in treating our eyes and skin.

The high measures of beta-carotene are retinol that it contained in vitamin A

helps to invert the impact of a degenerative eye ailment.

Vitamin A also helps to treat and slow the signs of aging of our skin,

due to the combination of Vitamin C that additionally occurs in Apricot.

#Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an outstanding cancer prevention agent

which is very powerful at catching and flushing free-radicals out of your framework.

These destructive synthetics are frequently considered as

one of the main sources of degenerative skin conditions, genuine infections,

for example, malignant growth and in addition the early beginning of aging

so getting them out sooner than later is vital.

#Apricots For Healthy Heart

Apricots known to be wealthy in dietary fiber,

which implies that they’re incredible for treating individuals with high level of cholesterol.

Apricots are great for our heart health because both raw and dried apricots contain a high amount of dietary fiber

which is beneficial for our heart,

the fiber absorbs the bad cholesterol from our body and ultimately allows our heart to live longer.

#Apricots For Weight loss

Apricots contain a very high amount of calories which make it a super food and make healthy.

If you are following a diet to reduce the excessive fat from your body.

The apricot solutions filled with protein and dietary fiber which make your tummy feel full for longer.

#Fight Against Anaemia:

Apricots contents iron which help the body to fight against Anaemia.

Apricot Nutrition Facts

*Regular consumption of few piece of Apricot fruit helps you to destroy the bad cholesterol of your body.

*Apricot oil extracted from the kernel inside

the fruits used in massage and spa for their Anti-oxidant properties for hair and skin.