Anjeer Benefits for your immunity

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Fig Overview

Figs are a fruit of the fig tree,  usually found in Asia and in Hindi known as “Anjeer”.

The natural anjeer fruit is regularly eaten. The fig fruit and anjeer leaves are used for making medicines.

fig dry fruit

The fig tree is the world oldest tree, as its “figs Benefits ” are disclosed in the Bible.

Before the use of sugar, anjeer are used to add natural sweetness to all types of deserts.

The scientific name of fig is Ficus Carica these are among the sweetest summer fruit.

Anjeer fruit is a sweet fruit with lots of tiny seeds and it has soft skin, so you can have both ripe or dried.

It has a chewy texture with crunchy seeds inside. Figs are often dried to preserve so to enjoy it the whole year.

Anjeer nutrition are high in iron, fibre, potassium, and calcium.

They are of multiple color and textures. They are of more than 250 varieties of figs all over the world.

The Anjeer trees play a symbolic role in many world religion like the Hindu,

Christianity, Islamic, Buddhism as this tree representing fertility and peace.

Anjeer Dry Fruit Benefits

  • Prevention of Hypertension
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Keeps colon Healthy
  • Cure for constipation and piles
  • Good for Diabetics
  • Good For Stronger Bones
  • Keeps Heart Healthy
  • Improve Sexual Power
  • Prevent From Urinary Calcium loss
  • Ideal For Weight loss Routine
  • Promote Healthy Hair
  • Helps Alkaline Forming Which Prevent Acidity
  • Fiber In Figs Improves Digestion

Top 10 Benefits of anjeer

1.Good for Diabetics:

The high fiber content in anjeer makes them good for people with diabetes.

However dried anjeer are high in sugar content,

so you should consult a dermatologist about the quality of dried anjeer you want to consume.

2. Weight lose:

Anjeer are a fantastic source of dietary fiber,

these type of fiber are ideal for decreasing body weight and therefore are frequently appropriate for weight loss routine.

A benefit of anjeer consists of weight reduction also. Even though figs are high on sugar,

figs/anjeer contain the benefit of carrying natural sugar, which makes it certainly one of the fruit to consume for weight reduction.

3.Prevention of Hypertension:

People usually take in sodium in the form of the salt, but low potassium and high sodium level may lead to hypertension,

making anjeer a relaxing food as well, which bring some calmness to your day.

4.Lower Blood Pressure:

Consuming dried figs are essential to meet your daily requirement and it helps lower the blood pressure.

5. Keeps colon Healthy: 

Frequent uses of figs safeguard the colons from numerous inflammation-related illness.

It guarantees healthy bowel function as said in the Ayurveda.

6.Good for constipation and piles:

The softening and mildly laxative properties of the anjeer fruit benefit help to empty

any trouble of the person suffering from constipation and piles,

figs are rich in fiber and they also act as a mild laxative

7.Angeer For Stronger Bones:

Figs are a decent basis of calcium that is vital for bone density.

Additionally, potassium in anjeer counteracts the calcium loss caused by high in salt diet,

preventing the bones from thinning out at a faster rate.

8. Anjeer benefits Urinary Calcium loss:

The people who maintain a high sodium diet may be affected by increased urinary calcium loss.

The high potassium contains in figs helps to avoid the condition and regulate the consent of waste in your urine.

it minimizes the calcium you lose while increasing the amount of uric acid and other harmful toxins

which you want to get out of your body.

9. Improve Sexual Power:

Anjeer have been used since ancient time as a cure for sexual weakness.

Soaking Angeer in milk overnight and consuming it in the morning is said to be beneficial for enhancing sexual stamina.

10.Anjeer benefits Heart Health:

anjeer are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that helps to control blood pressure levels.

The soluble fiber, pectin, present in these fruit moves freely through the body,  preventing cholesterol.

Anjeer leaves have been shown to lower triglyceride levels in the body preventing Heart Attack and stroke.

How To Eat Figs

Add some figs in your Morning cereals You can also make Indian sweets like Barfi and Halwa Make Jam and Chutney with Figs

You can also bake a cake by adding some figs in it You can add figs to your dessert

as it is sweet in taste By adding some figs in your Milkshake or Juice

Get dried figs for any departmental store and consume it like the raisins and the almonds

And Much more experiments can be done with figs cooking. so share your own recipes of fig in the comment section down below.

Essential Benefits of Fig Leaves

There are vital fig leaves health edges may be the foremost renowned of all the fig leaves health edges is Diabetes.

Early research recommends that a tea produced using fig leaves may lessen insulin necessities in individuals with type 1 diabetes.

It additionally appears to bring down glucose levels subsequent to eating.

figleaves health edges embody lowering triglycerides are a kind of fat that flow into in your bloodstream

these fats are often one in each of the factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease on the cancer

front fig leaves could also be able to stop the expansion of pure varieties of abnormal cells preventing the onset of invasive cancer

A vital health benefit of fig leaves here are some home remedies that use fig leaves to bronchitis place 3 fig leaves during a pot of water

and boil when quarter-hour remove the leaves and drink the tea add honey for a sweet style

Infection-fighting power for those with heart issues eat some fresh figs each day and build a tea from fig leaves

build a boil fig leaf tea let the mixture cool and then apply to affected areas to treat a pain

Drink a fig leaf tea to help lower pressure level one folk’s remedy suggests chew 2 fig leaves and swallowing them to assist treat an ulcer

Fig LEAF is utilized for diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and skin conditions, for example, psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema

A few people apply the smooth sap (LATEX) from the tree straightforwardly to the skin to treat skin tumors and warts.

How can it function?

Fig leaf contains synthetic compounds that may assist individuals

with type 1 diabetes to utilize insulin all the more proficiently.