Fenugreek Seeds For Hair: The Samurai Way

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Fenugreek is an annual plant. It is a member of the bean family, also referred to as methi dana

It is native to the Middle and Near East and is widely used in the Indian subcontinent.

This plant is grown in countries across the globe, but the majority is cultivated and consumed in India.

Benefits of Methi Seeds for Hair

Fenugreek seeds for hair is known to be beneficial for your hair and scalp as Methi contains nicotinic acid, protein.

Fenugreek seeds for hair growth stronger and moisturizing and promote hair growth, fenugreek make hair thicker

You can use the fenugreek seed or Methi for hair by soaking them in water overnight and blend them in a grinder in the form of a paste,

Along with some coconut oil, Apply it twice a week to get better results methi seeds for hair growth

Fenugreek seeds nutrition

According to the USDA, fenugreek contains a variety of beneficial nutrients, including

iron, magnesium, manganese, and copper, also as vitamin B6, protein, and dietary fiber.

USES OF Methi dana

For centuries, Methi seed has been utilized in many various ways—both in cooking (fenugreek

is a staple component of classic curry, and in traditional healing doctrines?

The herb is used as a spice in numerous old-style foods, and also in traditional medicine.

Many choose to make their teas from the seeds.


Methi Seeds Benefits

1. It helps the body to digest foods more effectively and can work as a laxative due to the antioxidants and fiber.

2. This same process can lead to weight loss when eaten regularly. However, you should always eat a balanced diet to stay healthy.

3. Breastfeeding mothers can eat this to increase the amount of nutritious milk they produce for their babies.

4. If you are suffering from a sore throat, you can take a tablespoon and add some fenugreek seeds, lemon, and honey.

This will boost the immune system and soothe the pain.

5. It has been scientifically shown to reduce cholesterol levels and is very anti-inflammatory helping with many related illnesses.

6. This will reduce inflammation everywhere, this is especially good for boils, mouth ulcers, bronchitis, pimples, eczema, and skin irritation.

7. Fenugreek benefits for Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can take fenugreek seeds regularly to help increase their sex drive and libido.


May improve painful menstrual cycles

In 2014, a study was administered to ascertain if fenugreek seeds could help with menstrual pain—and they do!

In a group of 101 women, half them received 2-3 capsules with powdered fenugreek seeds

daily during the primary 3 days of menstruation and half received a placebo (a medicine with no action).

Women getting fenugreek practiced less pain, shorter duration of pain, and the way minor

systemic symptoms (headache, nausea, lack of energy).

No side effects were seen whatsoever, and that’s also great.

May prevent or treat gastric ulcers

Fenugreek seeds are used as an anti-ulcer natural remedy for hundreds of years, and modern studies just confirm that’s a wise approach.

An animal study reported that fenugreek seeds may be more effective than omeprazole (a conventional anti-ulcer drug) in preventing gastric ulcers.

In 2017, a huge Indian study confirmed this benefit and explained that the majority likely

this is based on the high content of flavonoids and saponins that act as antioxidants and regulate the acidity of the gastric juice.

Protect the liver from toxins and free radicals

Dried fenugreek seeds extract was ready to reduce liver cirrhosis, soothe inflammation, calm down local enzymes,

and usually, protect the organ from ravaging free radicals activated by a toxin.

This action seems to be effective in cases of alcoholic liver damage too and almost as effective as the conventional hepatoprotection silymarin.

May boost testosterone levels and increase sperm quality in men

In 2017, a study reported that a fenugreek extract with a high content of protodioscin

(one of the most saponins of fenugreek) was ready to improve free testosterone levels by 44%.

Also, 85.4% of the members showed development in sperm health, signifying that fenugreek seeds might be beneficial for male fertility.

May help in preventing blood clots

Fenugreek has reported decreasing blood coagulation during a dose-dependent manner.

In other words, the more fenugreek you’re taking, the thinner your blood is going to be.

This could be beneficial for people with a high cardiovascular risk to stop the formation of blood clots within the heart,

which may be a common explanation for the attack.

May prevent and fight cancer

Flavonoids and polyphenols are natural antioxidants that reduce inflammation, may repel cancer, and have antibacterial properties.

Most likely, this has something to try with the antioxidative belongings of the spice,

but research shows fenugreek also can hinder the division of cancer cells and even destroy them too.

Research laboratory educations reported this effect of fenugreek on prostate, pancreatic, and breast cancer.

Helps with serious and chronic inflammation

Animal studies deep-rooted that fenugreek seeds efficiently reduce both chronic and acute inflammation.

It seems this effect is predicated on the action of the spice’s flavonoids and polyphenols,

which are powerful natural antioxidants?

Kill several types of bacteria

The flavonoids present in fenugreek seeds can suppress the expansion of such nasty bacteria,

like Escherichia coli, typhoid bacillus, and Staphylococcus aureus, all of which may cause severe infections.

May help in preventing diabetes through multiple pathways

The seeds have shown to help control blood sugar levels, due to the presence of a soluble fiber,

which helps the body to produce insulin.

Fenugreek features a long list of anti-diabetic properties.

studies reported that it can directly reduce blood glucose levels, heal damage to the pancreas, boost insulin production,

and show an insulin-like action also.

Potentially, this might mean that fenugreek seeds could also be useful in both preventing AND treating diabetes!


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