What are the properties of Water

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The water plays a major role in the economy of the world as well as read it in books that 60% of our body is comprised of water

which was completely true It is one of the most essential constituents of the earth’s, oceans, lakes, river. 

The physical properties of water is the fluid for almost all living creatures.

Our body is comprised of water, yet when we do not drink enough water our body get dehydrated,

some of their symptoms are tiredness, headache,

and a decrease in urine output or of a darker pale urine is an indication for lack of water in the body.

what is water made up of?

Water is a chemical substance made up of one oxygen molecule and two molecules of hydrogen, and its chemical formula is H2O.

Uses of Water

Some of the most important chemical properties of water use in our houses, for washing your dog and most of the thing

which we do requires water like cooking your meal, brushing your teeth, watering your garden

Helps us flush out toxins from our organs drinkable restores fluid loss through metabolism respiration sweating and also the removal of waste

it’s important to drink water before you are feeling thirsty that is as a result of thirst is usually the first symptom of dehydration

It is also used in industrial purposes, manufacturing purposes and use for entertainment and sports like rafting, swimming, boating

7 Physical properties of water

1.Water Benefits for skin

Water helps in clearing your skin and makes your skin lively and give you an instant boost in energy

and protect from acne that occurs from irregular movement of the bowel.

water help in keeping your skin hydrated and glowing most of the time and also improve your complexion

2.Increase your Energy

Water helps your body to keep energies by stimulating the Red Blood Cells of your body

and gives your body more metabolic power to your task with full determination.

3.Help your System

Water is crucial to your system by keeping a stable balance of fluids in your body can result in a discount of infections

water on Associate in Nursing empty abdomen within the morning will assist you to strengthen your system and lower the probabilities of illness

4. Helps with bowel movements

Drinking a lot of water not only clears your body of toxins but it creates the feeling of needing to pass stools

when your bowel movement gets regularized you are releasing waste and toxins preferably on a daily basis

water detox the body it also helps reduce swelling and keeps your body clean

5. Water Stimulates the growth of red blood cells

Having water on an empty stomach stimulates the growth of red blood cells 

thus creating more oxygenated blood and helping you feel energized and refreshed through out your day

6. Water for Weight Loss

Drinking water can help in weight loss, but it’s not that your weight will lose by only drinking water

you need to do a lot more than drinking water when your goal is to lose weight.

7. Benefits of Water With Lime

As the lime is a rich source of vitamin C which also include antioxidants which protect the free radical

and it also enhances the taste of the water and makes it more likely to consume along with the properties of lime water.


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