Lemon Tea Benefits what can they both do

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One of the main lemon tea benefits is that it benefits with weight loss since it has caffeine and catechins that increase metabolism,

Making the body spend more energy and also helps with absorption, regulates the guts and prevents water preservation.

Lemon helps treat constipation, purifies the body, improves immunity, accelerates the healing process,

Reduces swelling and blood pressure, lessens gout or rheumatoid arthritis pains,

prevents premature aging and other benefits.

Lemon Tea Benefits : but what can they both do to improve my health?

The lemon tea strengthens the immune system and lemon extract helps tone down the bitter taste of green tea

Lemon Tea Benefits: tea and lemon in combination

How to use these for maximum benefits lets start.

Aid in digestion

Provides energy

Burn fat

Lose weight

Increase metabolism

catechin present in green tea kills bacteria that are responsible for bad breath in our mouth .

1. Drink lemon Tea in the early morning by consuming warm lemon tea on empty stomach in early morning helps the body to promote weight loss and refills you internal

This is the best way to start your day instead of other stimulant or processed drinks of their harmful effects on the body

Improve mental health relaxation

Prevent mental diseases decreases blood pressure and bad cholesterol and triglycerides

Drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea daily to improve your heart’s health

Protect from serious diseases

Without doubt that its citrus content of vitamin C helps the boost your immune system and heals body faster

Drinking lemon tea regularly helps to protect from serious diseases such as cancer

If you drink lemon water before meals it allows maintaining your lymphatic system running smoothly

It also balances your body by restoring all the vitamins nutrients and minerals that burns up from exercising workouts and morning

without doubt that its citrus content of vitamin C helps the boost your immune system and heals body faster

Drinking lemon water regularly helps to protect from serious diseases such as cancer

Drink lemon tea after the meal after 30 minutes of the meal drinking lemon with tea helps your body to produce additional enzymes

And sufficient stomach acid for better digestion for maximum nutrients we all know that the debt hawks are our body after a meal

Drink lemon tea to promote the work as a natural cleanser for your body warm lemon water allows your body for healthy digestion

Thanks to citric acid present in the lemon citric acid works together with various enzymes in your body

And stimulates the secretion of gastric juice which also lets the liver to flush away harmful toxins

For drink lemon of water before you sleep before a bedtime is also known as the best time

for drinking lemon of water because it will provide enough time for body to clear the unwanted toxins away from body

Before sleeping warm lemon water helps to cleanse your system from all toxins

Improves digestion by supporting the process of waste products’ removal from your body with toxin removal

Its antioxidant vitamin C also helps in revitalizing your skin reduce skin aging and life in your skin

You may also find its use for many problems such as sore throats and tonsils because it contains

The anti-inflammatory property your body needs the antioxidants properties from lemon to protect from infections and

Strengthening the immune system against sicknesses your body will thank you for feeling better overall

By consuming lemon of water regularly as stated

Making lemon tea is very simple:

You will need 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of green tea and the juice of half a lemon.

To make it, just add the boiled water to the green tea leaves and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Strain and add the lemon juice. And it’s ready,

you can drink it! Very easy, isn’t it?


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