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Why Do We Need Protein Every day!

Proteins are the main blocks for building up of our body tissue and protein also provides the energy

it needs to develop and grow properly,

Protein breaks down into amino acid when digested, protein is the energy which we need for the walk, breath,

It provides energy for doing anything.

The medical institute says that Male need around 56 grams of protein a day

whereas, Female need around 46 grams of protein a day.

Top 13 Best vegetarian food:

1#China Seed:

These black and white tiny seed are the power house of protein and vitamins,

2 tablespoon of chia seed contain 4 grams of protein, 12 gram carbohydrates, 123 calories,and 9 gram fat. 

chia seeds are good source of protein and it also provide Omega 3 fatty acid, chia seed also benefits digestion

In fact, chia seeds contain more calcium than milk, it also contains more iron than spinach,

it has more potassium content than the banana so it can be a foods vegetarians can eat

2#Pulses/Dals/ Lantins:

For there, high protein content pulses are the great option for “vegetarians source of protein”

Pulses were available most commonly in grocery stores and also they are cheap in price with lots of protein

and has complex carbohydrate in it and can be named as “plant protein rockstar”,

They are also low in calories and fat so pulses/dals are truly an excellent vegetarians source of protein.

Confused about what are “lentils”

They actually refer to dals and list of vegans foods number of lentils are chana, mung, urad dal, Kabuli chana,

Masoor dal also known as red lentils, kidney beans(rajma) etc…

In fact, if pulses/lentils are consumed with whole grain they provide the equal amount of protein as Meat.


Consumer of lentils like it because of their creamy taste and they are also included in healthy food list

yogurt is a rich source of protein, calcium, and potassium.

From the bacterial fermentation of milk, yogurt is made,

yogurt has around 10-12 grams of protein per 100 gram,

which make yogurt a super food vegan essentials.

4#Hemp seed:

It is the seed of the Cannabis Sativa plant which is cultivated for the seeds  with no THC,

Thc stands for the psychoactive result which can be found on the leaves of the  cannabis plant, which makes you High 

whereas the cannabis sativa were grown for its nutritious seeds and fiber is known as HEMP

These seeds are the complex source of protein, that means that they include all the 9 amino acids,

so a person can acquire hemp-seed to generate all the nine essential amino acids.

It contains 10 gram of protein in 3 tablespoons of hemp seed and 300 mg of omega 3 fatty acids.

The Hemp seed is also known for its healing and muscle relaxing compounds

another amazing thing about hemp seeds are they contain fiber

it also contains 50% of magnesium of your daily value of zinc.

5#Soy Product:

A cup of soy product may contain from 12 to 36 gram of protein.

Soya beans are globally used plant providing soybean oil, soya sauce,

and many other varieties of soy products are available.

soya beans are a globally cheap vegan meals product for its nutrition content,

Soyabean Nutritional value

100 gram of raw soya bean supply 12 gram of protein,

30%of carbohydrates,  446 calories with 9% of water in it.


Vegetable can be a rich source of protein,

some of the list of vegans foods rich protein source of vegetables are Spinach, Broccoli, Sweetcorn, Green peas, Pumpkin-seed

Vegetable contains many essential vitamins and minerals

which are required to contribute to maintenance and growth of the body.

People who take fruits and vegetables  as apart of the daily diet have a low risk of many chronic diseases.

It makes vegetabables vegan essentials food products

7#Kidney Beans(Rajma):

Kidney beans are full of protein as 100 grams of Rajma contains 24 grams of protein

It also contains all the nutrients which are needed for proper muscle building.

8#Peanut Butter:

vegans can eat peanut butter as Only 2 tablespoon of peanut butter contain 7.6 gram of protein and 188 calories.


Oats the best vegan snacks is a great source of protein as a cup of oats contain around 26 gram of protein.

10 Fruits :

Fruits are nutritious and very delicious in taste in taste,

Adding some of your daily value of protein from fruit  like Guava, orange, banana, Apricots , 

Figs..Boost your intake of fruit As a cup of fruit may contain 2-5 grams of protein,

list of vegans foods, Although fruits are not major protein source but it contain minerals and vitamins

which is required for proper muscle development.

11#Flax Seed:

Flax seeds plant are superior plant food on the planet as it is rich in nutrition and protein.

In 100 grams of flax seed it contain 18.3 grams of protein and have several vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber.

Flax seed can be used as topping in the Salad,Dessert, Shakes and yogurt, Lightly toasted

flax seeds are used for making sweets and cake.


nuts for vegans

Nuts are rich source of many nutrients and protein,

they are low in carbohydrates  and high in Fiber and fat.

The protein of contain of nut many vary upon their varieties,

List of some of the commonly consumed nuts are: Almonds, Cashew, Walnut and peanuts,

Nut contains a hard shell that are usually need to crack them to get the fruit inside.


It contains protein which support muscle growth and repair .

This is one of the most nutritious drink in the world.

A large variety of food items are made from cows milk such as cheese, Butter, Yogurt.

1 glass of milk contains 8 gram of protein and 146 calories, Dairy foods boost your calcium, Vitamin D, potassium.

Questions are raised that vegetarians cannot get the required amount of protein

As the main source of protein are the egg, fish, meat, dairy products

but that does not mean that vegetarians will not be able to acquire the required amount of protein.

This list of vegans foods can be used as an guide for the interested

one who want to increase their intake of plant proteins


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