oranges: What happens if you eat oranges everyday?

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Oranges are the most commonly cultivated fruit in the world, oranges are popular fruit for its natural sweetness

and unique taste along with the Health benefits

An oranges tree can live for 100 years And can grow up to 30 feet,

the juicy orange fruit is seasonal and found fresh only in the winter season

The orange fruit is round shape whit a layer protecting the fruit which is made up of sections

that can be pulled apart in a small piece and enjoy the unique taste of orange

The orange fruit has a very strong flavor after vanilla and chocolate orange is the popular flavor around the world.

As users can see the presence of Use in the cosmetic Industries, Health Industries, Drug Industries.

The oranges are packed with vitamins, as we often see doctors recommend a glass of Orange Juice

as an important part of the breakfast, which also give you a boost of energy and many other nutrients.

The oranges are the fruit of the citrus species which also includes lemon, lime, grapefruit, and many other hybrids.

orange fruits were first cultivated in China 2400 years before Christ

originally were grown in India Southeast Asia and southern China

oranges are the most Popular fruits in the sweet world Sphere-shaped citrus fruits

have some Excellent Health Benefits  for the human body

Eating Oranges on a regular basis will also supply your body with B vitamins

pantothenic acid, folate, calcium, copper and potassium

It also contain excellent amounts of some fiber and choline these work together with vitamin C to support a healthy heart

Oranges are source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system allows the body to fight diseases and infections.

Benefits of oranges

1. Oranges are a Rich source of Vitamin C

Oranges are known for its source of vitamin C which allows the body to fight against

disease, infection and help protect our immune system and

it also protects our body from colon cancer by eliminating the free radicals which affect our DNA

According to Nutritionist in San Diego, A single orange can full fill your daily requirement of Vitamin C,

These are Why You Should Eat An Orange Everyday

2. Oranges are good Source Of Vitamin A

Oranges are a good source of vitamin A. Which is a soluble fat vitamin,

that is most importantly required for healthy vision, Bones, Skin, and others.

3.Benefits Of Orange For Skin

As the oranges are rich in vitamin C which also promote healthy skin and help your skin fight against disease caused by pollution and sunlight.

Thus consumption as well as by application of the orange fruit can do wonders for your skin

as it contains antioxidants which fight free radical and thus prevent from Ageing and wrinkle faster.

Thus in Ayurveda and other beauty industry, the orange peel is used by drying them and grinding them

to prepare in the powder form which is used for the treatment of dark spots, acne, repairing and cleaning of the skin.

4. Benefit Of Orange For Weight Loss

The oranges are low in fat but are rich nutrient fruit which makes the oranges Natural fat burner

which can also boost your metabolism to Weight Loss

If you are are on a weight loss diet eating oranges more often will provide a significant amount of vitamins and folates

It’s better to select the raw orange rather than juice because in the juice you miss out the fiber,

as in the whole orange you get a snacks amount of calories or which helps in weight loss and is also good for digestion

The oranges are very suitable to include in your meal or snacks as they are of low calories,

A medium size orange has 70 calories or you can have a small orange

which can have 60 calories and are have around 15 grams of carbs and 1.2gm of protein.

5. Benefits of Orange Peel

Oranges are popular fruit all around the world but very few people know the Health Benefits of Orange Peel,

which is arguably the healthiest part of the orange fruit

As the orange peel is rich in flavonoids, the antioxidants properties

which we get from oranges are helpful to prevent certain chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer

Orange peel contains many other compounds like the fiber, calcium, copper, magnesium and vitamin A and C.


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