Kabuli Chana Nutrition

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Kabuli chana Information

Kabuli Chana is a legume, and originated in the Mediterranean Area. Kabuli Chana means Chickpea from Kabul. Here you will read about how to embrace Kabuli chana benefits in your diet,

Kabuli chana, also known as Kabuli chickpeas in Hindi are a sort of pea originally native to Afghanistan and India. This legume has been consumed in Asia since the 12th century.

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Kabuli chana or chana dal are a type of split pulse, or dal. It is sometimes known as Bengal gram, Indian pea, or ceci bean.

Kabuli chana are split chick peas, which are commonly eaten in Asian countries such as Afghanistan and India, where it is referred to as garbanzo bean. Kabuli chana is mostly used to make Tara dal or curry (an Indian cuisine dish similar to lentil soup or snack) for meals.

The plant grown for Kabuli chana are small yellow peas that are usually dried and split, where you get the standard brown colored Kabuli chana we know today.

Kabuli chana nutrition consists mainly of complex carbohydrate, protein and dietary fiber. These nutrient-rich foods have a low-fat content, making them an ideal food for heart-healthy diets. They are very easy to cook and can be used in any savory dish.

Kabuli chana are a variety of chickpeas commonly used in Indian cuisine. They have a more rounded yellow color and are larger than regular dried chickpeas. This makes them easy to spot on the market shelf since there is no real substitute for Kabuli chana.

Kabuli chana, are part of chickpea crops; they are varieties of chickpeas cultivated mostly in Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent, but also grown in Himalayan foothills like Nepal.

Kabuli chana is used in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan as a primary ingredient in many delicious recipes. Kabuli chanas contain approximately 2% to 8% protein, 1% to 6% fat, around 70 per cent carbohydrates. They also contain dietary minerals and vitamins such as manganese, folate and zinc.

The estimated nutrients for 100 grams of Kabuli Chana are:

Kabuli Chana or chickpea is a nice variety of pecan grown in temperate regions of India. Chick peas are formed and cooked into flakes;

Hence, they are called Chana Dal. Chana Dal is highly nutritious and delicious food item that can be consumed on its own. Chana Dal is also known as a great ingredient to enhance the flavor of any dish while boosting its health value as well.

Kabuli chana is widely known as chickpea. This legume has been considered as the most widely used pulse worldwide. People all over the globe enjoy Kabuli chana in their dishes and are also using it for various other benefits that this legume provides.

Kabuli chana offers a wide range of health benefits.

Kabuli chana is packed with essential nutrients and minerals.

Kabuli chana helps in weight loss.

 A bowl of kabuli chana can keep your heart safe and healthy.

Kabuli chana has anti-inflammatory properties which are good for the skin.

i chana helps in lowering blood sugar level.

High blood pressure? Switch to Kabuli Chana!

Kabuli chana can help you reduce weight without losing out on taste and variety.

Takeaway: Here’s all you would like to know about the nutrition provided by kabuli chana

Section: Here are Kabuli chana nutrition facts in brief:

Section: 100 grams of Kabuli chana contain 349 calories.

Section: It contains 7.3 grams of protein, 6.2 grams of dietary fiber, 5.6 grams of fat, and 5.6 grams of dietary fiber.

Section: 1 cup bulk, raw Kabuli chana gives you around 16 percent daily requirement of iron.

Section: 1 cup bulk, raw Kabuli chana gives you around 10 percent daily requirement of zinc, copper, magnesium and phosphorus.

Section: 1 cup bulk, raw Kabuli chana gives you around 29 percent daily requirement of folate.

Section: 1 cup bulk, raw Kabuli chana gives you around 18 percent daily requirement of manganese.

Section: Additionally 100 grams of kabuli chana contains ample amounts of vitamins B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin) and B6 (Pyridoxine).

Takeaway: Chana is good for health when consumed in moderation

Section: Kabuli chana is high in protein.

Section: Kabuli chana contains good fibre.

Section: Kabuli chana is better than chickpeas, it has higher levels of health-promoting components

Section: Kabuli chana is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Section: Kabuli chana promotes heart health.

Section: Kabuli chana benefits for bodybuilding

Takeaway: Introduce kabuli chana in your diet for good health.

Kabuli Chana Nutrition

Kabuli chana is a type of chickpea that has a larger size and less starch content than other varieties. It is also known as Bengal gram or garbanzo bean. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.


Kabuli chana is an important ingredient in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The beans are used whole or split and usually prepared with spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander powder, cayenne pepper, ginger paste and garlic paste. They are also commonly used to make chickpeas curry which can be eaten with rice or roti (flatbread) for breakfast or lunchtime meal.

Kabuli Chana Nutrition:

Kabuli Chana is a type of chickpea that has been grown in India for thousands of years. It is eaten as a main dish or vegetable and it can also be ground into flour to make chapattis, flatbreads that are very popular in India. The Kabuli Chana is larger than other varieties of chickpea and they have a darker color than other varieties. They also have a stronger taste than other varieties, which makes them ideal for use in curries and soups.

Health benefits:

Chickpeas are high in fiber, protein, folate, iron and magnesium. They are also low in fat calories but high in energy density making them excellent for weight loss programs. Chickpeas contain no cholesterol at all and they are very low in sodium as well.

Kabuli Chana Nutrition

Kabuli chana, also known as Gram or Chana, is a legume. It is a rich source of protein, fibre and minerals and it is also used in the preparation of many popular Indian dishes like dal makhni, chole bhature and chana masala. Kabuli chana has a mild flavour and this makes it easy to blend with other ingredients in different recipes.

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