how to control anger

How to control Anger!

Anger is an emotion which is a natural emotion of human being that is experienced by everyone from time to time.

A certain amount of anger is necessary for our living it can be used to defend yourself or allow to fight when attacked. A limited amount of anger is usually healthy emotion, but when it get out of control it can turn into disaster and problems in your overall quality of life.

However Anger can promote increase heart rate, and level of your blood pressure and hormones, so anger is not just a state of mind but can also change physically and biologically.

Some of the common causes of  Anger issue Include- Personal problem, sexual frustration, Memories of some traumatic events, a person’s environment can also cause anger, 

What Causes Anger Issue?

Anger comes from a variety of ways it can be dramatic as some people show anger even in the silly thing which is not in there control But are healthy anger till a point. 

Anything Which you want but does go accordingly may cause anger, anger can also be triggered from your social life, Work difficulty in the office or for your promotion can also trigger your anger, Make sure you share your Causes For Anger Issue in the Comment section.

How To Control Anger Outburst?

1. Take a Walk:

How to control Anger

When you feel angry, Walk away from the situation, as in serious anger you do something unusual and regret later so it’s better to walk away from the situation, and take a walk for 5 minutes outside the source which will calm your anger and give you strategies to deal with your anger.

2. Be Less Judgmental:

It will help your anger to trigger less coz anger can also be internal as you do a thing your way and if other do not ought to follow the same can trigger your anger but that is really silly to judge other because there are so many ways human reacts.

3. Have a Sound Sleep:

How to control Anger

Have you ever noticed when you don’t get a sound sleep you tend to get angry more often? A good sleep tends to feel less stress, Restlessness may lead to anger, ways human, tension.

Therefore, sleeping for at-least 6-7 Hours everyday will give your body proper rest for the mind as well as your body.

4.Be Responsible For Your Anger:

Anger is neither good nor bad you need to learn to temper your anger without hurting others, If you have a high temper you need to react responsibly or learn to control and it is also responsible for you to calm down for yourself and others around.

5.Meditation For Anger:

Regular practice of meditation helps settle your restlessness. Many experts studies have proved that meditation regularly by focusing 10 minutes a day can help you to settle your anger and provide you positive energy to deal with the stressful situations.

6.Anger Management Exercise

How to control Anger

Doing some exercise daily help you release those Felling of anger, Yoga practice for 20 minutes regularly can help you manage your anger for long periods, The best thing of Yoga is that you can address your anger through your yoga poses, Deeper The Anger The Intense the Practice.

7.Use Humor:

Make a joke in your own way because humor can be a way to release your anger, But it not okay to speak something which hurt someone feelings or make fun of others, so make sure to use humor appropriately.

How to control Anger

8.Watch Your Food:

The food you eat pretty much influence your mood, Non-vegetarian, oily or spicy food can result in irritation, Instead you can consume apples, peanut butter, spinach, and chocolate can help reducing anger and anxiety.

You Will Not Be Punished for your anger, You Will Be Punished By Your Anger 


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