Importance of blood donation

Healthy Effects Of Blood Donation

There are Numerous Healthy effects of Donating Blood for Body as many people donate blood because they want to save a life

as your single donation can be life-saving for around 3 people

It turns out that somewhere around the world need blood every 10 seconds,

donating blood not only helps the recipients but also benefits the donor.

Benefits of Donating Blood

Benefits of blood donation

1.Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease:

Donating blood can reduce the risk of heart attack by 88% according to the American Journal of Epidemiology

In many studies, said that a higher level of iron in the blood constricts your blood vessels

which may create the risk of heart disease and evacuating those extra iron by donating blood gives your vessels more space to operate.

Donating blood once in a year may help your iron level to stay in control, but make sure to consult your doctor for the eligibility criteria.

2. Joy Of saving lives:

The feeling of saving someone’s life is a wonderful feeling, able to help doctors in saving someone’s life, as there is no other substitute for blood for humans.

Blood donation can also help to release your stress level as donating blood single time can benefit around 3 people or 4

which makes you a Hero and Make Stress free and better than before.

3.Free Check-Up

For donating blood, you need to be fit enough

your minimum weight for blood donation is 110 pounds (50Kg) to be fit and you can donate blood from18-60 years of age

and you should not be suffering from any transmittable disease,

A free test before every blood donation process is made by the doctor,

as a result, you can figure out the unknown issues in the body

which help you in gathering information on your health.

4. Reduces the Risk Of Cancer

The higher level of iron has implicated in cancer in many cases,

so by donating blood, the iron level is maintained at a healthy level in our body.

5. Stimulate new cell production

The Process of production of Red Blood cells in our body after the donation of blood

our body Work’s to regain the blood loss in the body this process helps in maintaining good health.

6. Maintains Healthy Liver

Blood donation benefits in maintaining a healthy liver because of what we eat

the iron-rich food which gets stored in the liver, heart, and pancreas, creates the risk of liver failure

or may damage your pancreas,

thus blood donation decreases the iron in the body and protects your system from various ailments.

Facts About Blood Donation

About 70% of your body weight is of Blood

Blood donation is a safe process because the needle used in the transfusion of blood used once for every donor.

Before every blood donation process, a free medical check-up is done on the donor to ensure if the donor is compatible with donating blood.

There is no substitute for blood, it can only come from a donor.

An adult person has 10 pints of blood in the body, from which only 1 pint is given for donation.

You cannot donate blood if you are a gay man

Red Blood Cell has there self-life for 42 days after drawn from the donor unless they are frozen

Because of the Donor’s 5 million lives are saved annually.

Blood donating process burn around 650 calories because usually, those who donate blood are healthy people.

Blood donation process

Blood Donation Process

# First you need to do your paper works before donation name and a questioner session is also included which is called screening.

# Medical check up-Before the blood donation process there is a set up of free check-up associated to know if the donor is fit enough,

checking the temperature, pressure of the body and also check your iron level.

# One the Checkup is complete you will have proceeded in the donor’s bed and then your arms will be cleaned with some antiseptic and then the blood can be drawn with the help of a new needle,

by the professionals, the process may take 5-10 minutes of your time.

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