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Your Blood Group type Determines Your Personality:

An article about your blood type determines your personality. This is an interesting article guy & I want you all to read it till the end. Let me explain it to you here.

Did you know your blood group can say a lot about you? From your health, your donor compatibility,

Blood Group A

blood group type

Let me tell you that 40% of people in the world have either A+ & A-. The people with this blood type are rational, understanding, organized & cool. A blood type of people lives the kind of life they wish to & don’t get involved in dramas.

In contrast, mosquitoes are the least attracted to people with type A blood.

If you are A blood group, you can donate red blood cells to Type A and AB. People of A blood group type have a higher risk of getting Stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, and heart disease. As far as there personalities they are sincere, responsible and patient

Blood Group B


Let me tell you 11% of people are either B+ or B-. They are generally passionate, confident, impulsive & unpredictable. For B type people, no matter what they do, traveling, writing or anything, they do it with immense passion & internal motivation which makes them infectiously charming.

If you have a B blood group you can donate red blood cells to group B and AB. Those with B blood group type have up to 50000 strains of friendly bacteria than people with either type of B or A blood group type. Their personality is active and creative.

O Blood Group

o blood

Do you know that around 45% of people who have an O+ & O- blood group combined? The people with O blood type are committed, cautious, responsible & punctual. They make good companions as they are excellent listeners, comforting & understanding of nature. 

O positive is the most common blood group type, O negative is the universal donor type. Meaning those with this blood type can donate red blood cells to anybody. People with type O blood are more prone to Achilles tendon injuries. People with type O blood are strong-willed, workaholics and cool.

Mosquitoes love people with type O blood. If you have this blood type, you’re twice as likely to attract them.

AB Blood Group Type.

AB blood group

Let me tell you that only a total of 4% population has this blood type. The AB blood group has a straightforward nature and would preferably acknowledge a severe truth than sugar-covered untruths.

If you have “AB blood group type”, you are a universal plasma donor. People with type AB found to have a 23% increased risk of Heart disease over those with type O blood. People with blood type AB are COOL, Rational, Controlled and Adaptable. Emotional and you are most likely to be geniuses.

So let me know your Blood group here guys. What do you say, which group is yours?

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