Benefits Of Drinking Beer: know about beer benefits

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It is the most famous beverage drink in this modern time

but it’s also one of the oldest and most widely appreciated drink around the world

they are made from many minerals and vitamins rich grains and yeast so is the advantages of drinking beer

The Beer is a drink made from Hops, grain, cereals, rice or corn

most commonly made from the malted barley

Beer is the third most consumable beverage drink after water and coffee

Many consume it as an enjoyable drink for its alcohol content

which can be really dangerous as regular consumption can make you alcoholic and can also damage your kidney.

What is Beer Made Of ?

The process of making beer is brewing


the basic idea of brewing is very simple you can also make your own beer a home.

Water is a fundamental part of the recipe when making the drink

The beer made with the combination of water and barley

as the grain are rich in starch, which then turns into sugar then fermented so that the yeast turn into alcohol.

The beer may contain Alcohol quantity from 4% to 40% vary accordingly from their brewing process,

but in this modern world which can be found on stores may contain alcohol quantity from 4% to 6% ABV (Alcohol by volume)

Nutrition Value Of Beer

It is true that alcoholic beverages are not as healthy as Water or juices but they also have some good things to stand out.

As the beer is made from grain, hops, and barley it also contains yeast,

which provides a source of selenium, magnesium, magnesium, biotin, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin B

Below are some of the Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer Along with some evidence based research done.

Amazing Advantages Of Beer

Beer Benefits for your Heart

According to the researcher, it is found that moderate drinker has a 40% lower risk of heart problem

compared to the non-drinker,

but it result will be completely opposite if consumed excessively,

But moderate drinking of beer can Benefit your heart, if you drink it from time to time it’s properties are similar for wine at meal,

drink them lower your risk of heart problems such as heart attack, stroke or arteriosclerosis

Moderate drinking of beer such as 1 glass for women and 2 glass for men appear to protect against heart disease.

Beer For Kidney Stone

Moderate drinking may prevent the risk of kidney stone, as it contains a good amount of water

the diuretic effect of the drink can be eliminating the harmful toxins accumulated in the body through the urine.

Beer also helps to stop the release of calcium from the bones to the other part of the body

which prevents the formation of stones to the kidney

Strengthen your Immune System

As the beverage like Beer and Wine are rich in poly phenol, so by taking a moderate amount of beer or wine

along with the meal or taking with your dinner after a long stress full day would benefit your body and mind

Whereas based on evidence high does of those alcohol beverage drink can also lead to many other diseases

It Prevents Illness

According to research carried out in China, Beer could prevent pathologies caused by neuron deterioration,

Beer could protect from osteoporosis because it contains silicon, the mineral which strengthening of bones and their development

Reduce Bad cholesterol.

When we drink beer we help to release the blood from the fat accumulated in the walls of the veins.

Not only does bad cholesterol or LDL decrease, but it also improves well of HDL good cholesterol in the body.

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