A Labrador Dog

10 Best Things About Having A Labrador Dog

Dog ownership is not something to take lightly, because both bringing pleasure and responsibility in equal measures.

An Australian study says that the dog owners walked an average of 18 minutes a week more than the non-dog owner. It is not a huge amount but little things matter you know!

Here are the 10-best-things-about-having-labrador-dog

They knew how to draw out the best in you.

Dogs can feel your pain.

The loyalty of a dog never dies.

when you have a dog you never be alone.

 Dogs are always happy seeing you coming home.

Their love is unconditional, they will never judge you.

We give them time, in return they devote us all.

They are the bestest boy.

Origin of Labrador Dog

The history of currently known Labrador dog was known as St John’s water dog or Newfoundland, when the dogs were later conveyed to England they were then known as “The Labrador” and they were also known as Labrador Retriever as they “retrieved” in the “Labrador sea” (The Labrador sea is an arm of North Atlantic Ocean between the Greenland and Labrador peninsular)

The Labrador dogs are sorted in one or two ways: English labs or American labs, the difference is in appearance and behavioral.

The English lab has the tendency of effortlessly trainable and is often considered best for a Non-professional owner to keep as pets or hunting companions.

Whereas, American lab has the tendency to be much lively and are better qualified for the professional owner with much time and experience to devote in training

In term of appearance, the English labs are much more heavily built. Whereas, the American lab is to be leaner and longer legged.

Lab history

Physical Appearance of A Labrador Dog

Labrador dog are of medium sized, with males regularly weighing is 65–80 lb (29-36 kg) and with the female 55–70 lb (25-32 kg)

Life spam of Labrador dog is of 10-12 years,

10 Best Things About Having A Labrador Dog
A Labrador Dog

Labrador As A Working Dog
Labrador dog is generally of good temperament, intelligent dog, and with a decent working ethics. The chasing, following, detection and they also have a great sense of smell and labs are a type of gun dogs.

Labrador retriever vs Golden retriever

An examination is recently made on how well four unique breeds, trained to become guide dogs. In this examination, the German shepherd has the lowest chance of completing it. Labrador retriever, Golden Retriever Mix, Golden retriever has the highest success rate.

Roughly calculating 60-70% of all guide dogs in Canada are Labrador dog, and the other common breeds are the German shepherd, Golden Retriever.

Labrador Retriver

Labrador dogs have a reputation as an even-tempered breed and an excellent family dog. This includes even-tempered relation with children of all ages and other animals. Their carefree disorderliness and absence of dread may require training and firm dealing at times to ensure it does not get out of hand. As an adult uncontrolled may be slightly problematic. The females are more independent then the males. And the Labrador develop at around 3 years of age, before this they can have a huge level of puppy-like energy regularly mislabeled as hyperactive.

white lab
A Labrador Dog
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