17 Unique Things About Cardamom Pods / Elaichi

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The cardamom commonly known as green Elaichi, Cardamom is a plant in the ginger family,

They have been used since ancient time in the southern part of India and China

The fruit of the cardamom plant as known as the queen of spices and is one of the Exotic spices highly priced in their weight

The cardamom pods hold small aromatic black seeds which have medicinal properties and can be very healing for the human body.

How cardamom actually has grown

Elaichi is in the ginger family and so when you see it growing it looks a lot like ginger

it also looks a lot like turmeric which is in the same family but whereas ginger and turmeric are taken for their roots

Cardamom is a beautiful seed pod that grows just behind the flower

the flower itself looking like a little baby orchid and the flower and the seed pods grow at the roots but above ground

It’s really beautiful to see cardamom pods growing cardamom is indeed a very important spice

cardamom plant

These are now and then ground to make cardamom powder, an outstanding flavouring spice.

They contain a methanolic extract which has been shown to relax the stomach.

The health benefits of cardamom pods.

1. Cardamom is a small green pod which is used to flavour delicious meals.

This has been used since ancient times in India and China

2. The pods contain small black seeds which have a strong aromatic flavour.

These have a high level of antioxidants which lowers high blood pressure naturally.

3. 2-3 cardamom pods are often added to boiled water to make a cardamom tea.

This is used to reduce swelling and intestinal gas after a mealtime in Ayurveda.

4. They are also often ground and mixed into curries to add flavor.

They work well when matching with chicken or mutton recipe.

The pods are likewise dried out and crushed to a fine powder.

This is stored in a closed container for up to a year or more, and is more multipurpose to usage.

5. Green Elaichi contain a high amount of manganese, a very important suggestion mineral which benefits the

body to form bones, sex hormones and connective muscle.

elaichi seed

6. The manganese in cardamom also helps the body to break down carbohydrates and fat,

Making this brilliant to eat when frustrating to lose weight.

7. Those with diabetes or are pre-diabetic should consume this spice regularly

As the manganese helps the body to process blood sugars.

8. Since ancient times, the Chinese and Indians have used cardamom to ease the digestive system.

Studies show that the methanolic abstract in this spice reduces stomach pains and reduces the risk of gastric sores.

9. They are an excellent source of other minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.

These are all important for outstanding health in the build.

10. Early scientific studies show that cardamom seeds contain compounds which may lower the risk of cancer.

They may prevent the distribution of cancerous cells, yet more study is required.

11. The rich antioxidants within cardamom reduce inflammation throughout the body, especially in the liver.

This is beneficial for those suffering a cleanse or detox regime.

 12. The high level of potassium and iron benefits the body to yield red blood cells, and regulate the heart rate.

This progresses blood flow which resolve you to higher energy levels.

13. In Ayurveda, the cardamom spice is used for opening the airways.

It improves blood circulation to the lungs for those suffering with asthma or bronchitis.

14. Chewing Green Cardamom is a way of freshening the breath.

Its natural scented compounds extinguish odor producing bacteria in the mouth.

15. Chewing the pods also is a fast way of treating mouth ulcers and throat infections.

This is wonderful when you have cold or flu infection.

16. They have anti-spasmodic properties which helps you to get rid of hiccups.

Simply drink a cup of cardamom tea to relieve this annoying problem.

17. The small black seeds in the pods can be removed and blended into healthy smoothies.

We recommend combining with ginger and watermelon juice to boost blow flow around the body.

18. Drinking tea with cardamom seeds, or eating them in curries can reduce swelling in the legs and improve erectile dysfunction.

19. If you prefer, you can purchase cardamom extract which comes in small capsules.

This is an easy way to take this on a daily basis to get the benefits.


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